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033: Personal Branding versus Business Branding

This week on Beers, Blokes and Business; The challenges associated with and the decisions surrounding branding yourself personally versus branding your company/business. Signup to our email list to receive the #BBB show notes first every week: beersblokesbusiness.com/signup Personal Branding versus Business Branding – What you will learn The Blokes early decisions about personal branding as…

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025: Content Marketing – Tell Your Story

We’ve heard about it. Content marketing. What the heck does it mean? Where is the ROI? Where should I publish? What should I publish? All these questions are answered plus more with some great real world examples with blokes that have made the mistakes and found what works for them. What will you learn from…

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015: The past, present and future for Twitter

This week on Beers, Blokes and Business we took a few more characters than 140 and discussed one of the reasons we all know each other – Twitter. Of course you all follow @BeersBlokesBiz on Twitter? What will you learn from this podcast? The real value of Twitter for each of the blokes How Twitter…

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009 – Building a Killer Team

First of all a big thanks from all the blokes for a very successful #BBBLaunch at Honey Bar last week. Thanks to your support on Twitter #BBBLaunch was trending in Australia, we look forward to running another #BBBLive event thanks for your feedback. In this week’s Beers, Blokes and Business podcast will look at building…

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002: Build Your Network

Starting to get in the swing of things at Beers, Blokes & Business podcast, this week Sean, James, Steve and Luke looking at the topic of building your network. What you’ll learn in this episode how to use your network to find your next job the value of organic introduction importance of word of mouth…

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