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016: End of Banks.

This week on Beers, Blokes and Business we joined popular discourse and took on the banks. Well, we discussed the impact new cheap technology is having on various segments of banking. What is disrupting banks? Like this ep? Please leave kind words on iTunes. What will you learn from this podcast? All about bitcoin, and…

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008 – Steve Jobs

In this week’s Beers, Blokes and Business episode – the blokes go into the movie review business. Well not really but after seeing Jobs movie we decided to look back at the impact of Steve Jobs. And hope to see you at the #BBBlaunch October 8th at Honey. Here’s a rundown of what you’ll learn about…

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001 – The first one, so get learned

This was our very first podcast of Beers, Blokes and Business so please be gentle. Our first topic comes from this tweet. What most people confuse with famous school drop outs [Gates, Jobs, Picasso et al] is that they never dropped out of learning. — Steve Sammartino (@sammartino) May 6, 2013 What you’ll learn… the…

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