Beers, Blokes & Business podcastPodcast035: Michelle Matthews Nomadic Entrepreneur

035: Michelle Matthews Nomadic Entrepreneur

Michelle Matthews from Deck of Secrets on Beers Blokes & Business podcastYou’ve read Tim Ferris‘ book The 4 Hour Work Week, had ideas on how you can develop a lifestyle business, exploit geo arbitrage, outsource tasks, and not be held ransom to email. On this ep the blokes talk with Michelle Matthews publisher of Deck of Secrets on what life is like as a Nomadic Entrepreneur .

Michelle has an instagram feed that will make you want to get on a plane and embraces new tech and trends faster than most.


What you’ll learn from this podcast (which at times turns into the Bali Business Show)

  • Are the principles actually doable or is Ferris just the word’s greatest self promoter.
  • Does the business dictate the lifestyle or vice versa?
  • How the democratisation of the tools of production help make outsourcing possible.
  • How Michelle uses AirBnB, along with outsourcing manufacturing & distribution to spend 6-9 months overseas every year.
  • Why wifi -which is only just starting to reach critical mass in Oz – is the key working o/s.
  • How MM breaks up her working day whilst living in various idyllic locations.
  • That Sean is controversially planning on outsourcing the blokes!
  • What not to tell customs official is your profession if you don’t want to be detained.
  • Scott outs Michelle as a Blackberry user whilst being an early iPhone app developer.
  • Which Melbourne tech entrepreneur still carries an iphone relic in his pocket.

Monteeth's Golden Lager

Links from the podcast

On this BBB podcast were:

Thanks for the Insta pick Michelle

The beer of choice for this podcast was Monteith’s Golden Ale out of New Zealand. Download this episode here but we’d prefer you to subscribe in iTunesStitcher or this feed if you don’t use iTunes.

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