023: Getting Paid

Beers, Blokes & Business tackle the topics of 2013

Keeping or starting a business rolling isn’t just about delivering great services and products. A big (and less glamorous) side to maintaining a  a business is as simple as getting paid. This week we discuss management tools, service tweaks, techniques, and your day-to day cash-flow to and quite simply: Getting Paid.


Hard hitting topic straight of the 2014 rank.
What will you learn from this podcast?

  • Invoicing online management tools
  • How and when to chase overdue invoices
  • Pricing and payment cycles (service vs product)
  • Consignment ordering and its challenges
  • On account ordering pro-forma terms and conditions
  • The product market, tier pricing and stage payments
  • Debt collecting resolutions and credit control
  • When do you need a book keeper
  • Solutions to getting paid, and maintaining client relationships
  • Recommendations when finding an accountant
  • Managing your books and when to delegate
  • Working with enterprise level businesses and what to expect
  • Managing stalled projects and staff re-scheduling costs
  • Reassuring your clients and re-enforcing your brand

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The beverage enjoyed by the blokes in this podcast was a crisp Cantina Cerveza.

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