Beers, Blokes & Business podcastPodcast011 – Internet Dodgyness, Dark Patterns Of Internet Business

011 – Internet Dodgyness, Dark Patterns Of Internet Business

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In this week’s Beers, Blokes and Business episode – the blokes look at some of the more unsavoury practices of businesses trying to grab your cash and some businesses that are settng themselves apart by breaking the established molds

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Here’s a rundown of what you’ll learn about what is dodgy and how some businesses are establishing a new paradigm to get customers.

  • How to smuggle Moonshine into Australia
  • What are some of the dark patterns out there?
  • How come when you get to the checkout there’s all this extra stuff in your cart?
  • Should we worry about the NSA or is Google more of a concern?
  • Techniques some listeners are sick of.

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Moonshine - This week's Beer

On this BBB podcast were:

The brew consumed in this podcast was… Moonshine, an 8.5% chewy punch in the head from Grand Ridge.

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