Beers, Blokes & Business podcastPodcast036: Funny Business with Wil Anderson

036: Funny Business with Wil Anderson

Wi lAnderson Funny Business - see him now at MICFRunning your own business?
Keeping multiple projects on the go?
Planning business growth across continents?

All familiar questions our listeners face and so does this week’s guest. Well known Australian comedian and good bloke Wil Anderson, who is currently killing it the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Sean & Steve caught up with Wil to chat about the business of comedy and how he approaches it.


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What you’ll learn from this podcast

  • How brand “Wil Anderson” comes into play in every decision Wil makes
  • How Oprah and Roseanne Barr helped Wil make the leap into comedy
  • Not everyone is like Wayne Gretzy, but how you can be
  • Importance of giving yourself permission to chase your dream
  • Why you should never go to the movies during work hours (or stay in that crap job)
  • How critical the super fan is to Wil’s success in Australia and USA
  • How podcasting has opened doors for Wil in the US market
  • 10,000 hour rule applies to comedy and business so get started now
  • The real reason we record each podcast standing up
  • How much planning is required working in comedy
  • The importance of being a solid contributor to your industry
  • Why Wil hates schedules….
  • What is Wil’s best advice to his younger self

Wahoo Beer from Gage Roads BreweryLinks from the podcast

On this BBB podcast were:

See Wil at Melbourne International Comedy Festival in his latest show – Wiluminati

The beer of choice for this podcast was Wahoo Premium Ale from Gage Roads Brewery.

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