Beers, Blokes & Business podcastPodcast056: Valerie Khoo – The Power of Business Storytelling

056: Valerie Khoo – The Power of Business Storytelling

This week on the blokes we catch up with our good friend and Wonder Woman Valerie Khoo. Val shares her passion for writing, storytelling and how she manages to run her business from the road with her crazy schedule.

Val started life as an accountant, founded a charity, edited CLEO and then founded the Australian Writers Centre and Social Callout. She has written the Enterprise column for Fairfax for 13 years.

Temple_Bicycle_Beer1What you will learn from Valerie Khoo episode.

  • Why most brands get their about page wrong.
  • Why print isn’t dead.
  • How MOOCS courses are everywhere but disciple is required.
  • How to share & promote your customers success.
  • Why Val was dubious of following Samma on twitter in the early days…

Links from the show

The tools Valerie uses to manage her business life from the road.

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The blokes on this podcast were:

You can follow  our guest @ValerieKhoo and on intstagram. Val’s blog is consistently in Aus Top 20 Business Blogs. Latte Magazine & Australian Writers Centre. Her current book is Power Stories. Val also has a brilliant podcast: So You Want To Be A Writer.

The brew enjoyed by the blokes in this podcast was Bicycle by Temple Brewing.   Download episode below but we’d prefer you to subscribe in iTunesStitcherSoundcloud or this feed if you don’t use iTunes.


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