039: Time Management

This week on Beers, Blokes and Business; The blokes discuss the age old problem of managing our time. A problem as old as time itself. The challenge we all face no matter how poor or rich we are. Something that never goes away, and we need to keep working on.

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Time Mangement – You will learn

  • What ‘the great equalizer’ in life is.
  • Find out if you’re part of the white collar underclass.
  • Managing time in a high tech, always connected world.
  • Tips for work / life balance.
  • Why ‘time’ is the ultimate currency.
  • How to buy back time via outsourcing.
  • How to manage your diary and to do lists better.
  • Planning the night before.
  • Why keeping to do list short is better.
  • Time & task chunking & why it works.
  • Rewarding yourself for using your time well.
  • Why your calendar is still the killer app for time management.
  • The truth about procrastination – why we do it.
  • The importance of down time.
  • How to put a dollar value on your own time.
  • Why tradesman and Doctors charge for the time not the task.
  • Why the phone is superior to email.
  • The impact of trust on time management.
  • The real cost of meetings.
  • Why voicemail is an out dated retro technology.

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The beer downed by the blokes in this podcast was Estrella Damm 

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