Beers, Blokes & Business podcastPodcast053: Behind the Book – The Great Fragmentation

053: Behind the Book – The Great Fragmentation

Steve Sammartino's new book - Buy & review it NOWYou’ve probably heard that Samma has recently launched his first book. The Great Fragmentation and why the future of business is small.  Today we get the back story on the business side of the project, and lessons from the process.

What you will learn about Book publishing on this episode:

  • Why books are most often an indirect revenue source.
  • What New York Times best selling really means.
  • Why your following matters when writing.
  • Why we’ve all good a few books inside of us.
  • How presentations and ideas can become something much bigger.
  • How book publishing has flipped in the digital age.
  • Why most books have a single concept told 12 times.
  • Why book publishers want ‘new’ content.
  • Why having a local network matters more than anything.
  • How to hack the book publisher pitching process.
  • The link between speaking and writing. How to become a writer immediately.
  • Why a book is a shared project not just the authors project.

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Links and resources from the episode:

Yes there was breakdancing at the book launch, Thanks Trevor Young.

Here is the alternate cover as discussed, do you agree with Samma?

The Great Fragmentation - Alternate Cover

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The brew enjoyed by the blokes in this podcast was Coopers Paul Ale

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  1. Ben - Geelong Cable Locations Reply

    Hi guys,

    Just a quick note to say thanks for this episode, picked up a heap of good points and I loved hearing a lot of the behind the scenes of doing a book. I often here people say that every entrepreneur should have a couple of books out, but it was good to hear some of the finer detail of deal that others don’t normally share.


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    1. Sean Callanan Reply

      Good point Adrian, probably for another podcast. Plenty of options on that side but he is currently selling a book with a publisher so we might give him a pass on that topic for now 😉

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