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061: Selling stuff, all about sales

This week we chat with about the dirty word in business… SALES. What you will learn about sales from this episode Find out why gaffer tape is Jim’s best sales tool Who should you ring and when Why sales is all about numbers What to look for in a sales person Why Steve puts roadblocks up for…

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050: Resumes

Resumes have their place but there are many other ways to promote yourself. Signup to our email list to receive the #BBB show notes first every week: beersblokesbusiness.com/signup What you will learn about Resumes: do you have a resume? how do you use it? how has your resume developed over the years? what should and shouldn’t be…

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024: Money Money Money … on Staff Salaries

Whether you’re an employee or an employer, there is delicate tightrope for setting staff salaries and bonuses. In this episode we discuss different approaches to managing the mutual expectations of employee remuneration.  Perspectives include blue and white collar as well as small through to big business. Veteran of a variety of different business types Trevor…

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023: Getting Paid

Keeping or starting a business rolling isn’t just about delivering great services and products. A big (and less glamorous) side to maintaining a  a business is as simple as getting paid. This week we discuss management tools, service tweaks, techniques, and your day-to day cash-flow to and quite simply: Getting Paid. Hard hitting topic straight of…

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013: Staff Motivation – Culture, Cash or Caring

This week on Beers, Blokes and Business the discussion centres around what motivates staff, how to motivate staff and what rewards work best to maintain a productive and happy workforce. We also tackle the issue of the whether or not up-skilling employees with a view to letting them move on to different roles is a…

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