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085: Nicole Matejic on Social Media Rules of Engagement

Sean, Steve catch up with Nicole Matejic to discuss her unique background and recent book – Social Media Rules of Engagement. Here is what we learned from this podcast How Nicole ended up working in social media How social media is used in the military What businesses can learn from armed forces using social media Importance of…

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081: David Meerman Scott

David Meerman Scott is a best selling marketing author and speaker and thanks to Jim Stewart who helps keep David at the top of Google with StewArt Media he stopped by to chat with The Blokes on a recent visit to Melbourne. Here is what we learned from David Meerman Scott in this podcast How David became…

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062: What the trend?

This week we chat some trends that may impact your business and life in 2015 What you will learn about sales from this episode New media startup SteveFeed Is social dead? Is privacy a risk or opportunity What brands will do on social next year Why you’ll be listening to more podcasts What is the Filter bubble? Why…

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047: Facebook revisited – Jim the Converted

Remember way back when we first chatted about Facebook over a beer?  It was episode 18 and Jim Stewart was the Facebook naysayer, we’ll fast forward 6 months and Jim is loving Facebook, find out why. Signup to our email list to receive the #BBB show notes first every week: beersblokesbusiness.com/signup What you will learn about…

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025: Content Marketing – Tell Your Story

We’ve heard about it. Content marketing. What the heck does it mean? Where is the ROI? Where should I publish? What should I publish? All these questions are answered plus more with some great real world examples with blokes that have made the mistakes and found what works for them. What will you learn from…

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