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082: Jon Manning – The 2nd Pricing Album

Jon Manning, our pricing expert IS BACK! He starts off worried about second album syndrome, let us know what you think via Twitter on how he performed. Here is what we learned from Jon Manning in this podcast How pricing is a disruptor How to move away from one price How does a pricing expert price…

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068: Ken Burgin on long career in hospitality

In the first of what we hope is many BBB podcasts with our listeners, Steve & Sean chat with Ken Burgin from Profitable Hospitality about a long career in hospitality industry. Some insights from Ken on this podcast How Ken got started in hospitality business What he learned about engaging customers with his cafe How Ken…

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036: Funny Business with Wil Anderson

Running your own business? Keeping multiple projects on the go? Planning business growth across continents? All familiar questions our listeners face and so does this week’s guest. Well known Australian comedian and good bloke Wil Anderson, who is currently killing it the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Sean & Steve caught up with Wil to chat about…

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026: Pricing with Jon Manning

Pricing, every business uses it and it can be the death of your business if you get it wrong. Yet when you talk to business owners so many freely admit to having no real grasp of pricing strategy. Tonight we’ve bought our pricing expert Jon Manning to set us straight on various pricing models: cost…

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023: Getting Paid

Keeping or starting a business rolling isn’t just about delivering great services and products. A big (and less glamorous) side to maintaining a  a business is as simple as getting paid. This week we discuss management tools, service tweaks, techniques, and your day-to day cash-flow to and quite simply: Getting Paid. Hard hitting topic straight of…

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