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070: Rick Chen from Pozible & crowdfunding

Sean and Scott catch up with co-founder of Pozible.com Rick Chen to discuss crowdfunding. Some insights from Rick on this podcast How answering an ad on Gumtree lead Rick on a wild car trip to Noosa and formed the seeds of business partnership. Where crowdfunding has come from and why even bigger businesses are starting to…

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019: #SuperAwesomeMicroProject – BONUS episode

We recorded the very special bonus edition of Beers, Blokes and Business a few weeks ago as #SuperAwesomeMicroProject was in the final days of the build. We chat about the project in depth with Steve & Raul, if you watched the video you’ll want to know more… What will you learn from this podcast? How…

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016: End of Banks.

This week on Beers, Blokes and Business we joined popular discourse and took on the banks. Well, we discussed the impact new cheap technology is having on various segments of banking. What is disrupting banks? Like this ep? Please leave kind words on iTunes. What will you learn from this podcast? All about bitcoin, and…

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