Scott Kilmartin

Scott Kilmartin from Online Store Guys and Short Batch Ice Cream CoScott hitchhiked around the USA instead of going to university – breaking his poor mother’s heart.

In a colourful career Scott’s been a bouncer, moved furniture, built concert stages and became a personal trainer before the term existed. He ran a hospitality group in the California in the 90’s and flogged software in Dublin before landing back on these shores to start haul. An award winning design business upcycling used advertising billboards into laptop bags and iPad cases.

He took haul from manufacturing in a garage and selling on a card table at Salamanca Market in Hobart to being stocked by some of the world’s leading design stores and spun out a successful eco corporate gifts business.

Along with Josh & Steve, Scott are the bloke’s long suffering Tigers supporters.

Scott does ecommerce and omni-channel retail strategy with Online Store Guys and pedals ice cream to minors with Short Batch Ice Cream Co.

Expertise in: eCommerce, retail, entrepreneurship.

Favourite quote: Build shit, don’t bullshit.

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