Beers, Blokes & Business podcastPodcast070: Rick Chen from Pozible & crowdfunding

070: Rick Chen from Pozible & crowdfunding

Sean and Scott catch up with co-founder of Rick Chen to discuss crowdfunding.

Some insights from Rick on this podcast

  • How answering an ad on Gumtree lead Rick on a wild car trip to Noosa and formed the seeds of business partnership.
  • Where crowdfunding has come from and why even bigger businesses are starting to use it.
  • Crowdfunding brings more than coin. It tests product / market fit, creates buzz and anticipation is the most telling of feedback… will someone buy this product.
  • Why crowdfunding is for more varied projects than just indie music, movies, gaming and tech products.
  • What is Rick’s 30% rule?
  • Which platforms have the best success rates in different regions.
  • The backstory to the headline grabbing explosive crowd funding projects of late. Flow Honey and the Coolest Cooler.
  • What are the hacks to running a killer crowd funding campaign.
  • What MacGyver and bad doomed crowd funding projects have in common.
  • How great campaigns are funded BEFORE they launch.
  • What is the optimum length of a project.
  • Why a pre-campaing landing page is critical.
  • Kickstarter gets most of the media, but other platforms like Pozible have advantages especially locally. Scott explains why he’s chosen Pozible over Kickstarter and IndieGogo for his campaign to bring an old ice cream truck back to life.

A step by step breakdown of a successful campaign
Which platform?
Pozible workshops & handbook
10 Ways to Screw Up Your Crowdfunding Campaign.

We’ll be doing another crowdfunding episode featuring Australian success stories and then we’ll come back to Scott to see how he’s fairing in the run to the finish line of his campaign. Stay tuned and spread the word.

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Always great content, and great guys to listen to. Have been enjoying the breadth of topics, and learnt a fair bit along the way. Keep it up guys!  – Huppy

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