040: Public Speaking

We do it all day long, and it’s of the oldest communication technologies we have – Public Speaking. Like it or hate it, it’s a business necessity. In this podcast we go through some tips and tricks to give good voice.

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Public Speaking – You will learn

  • Public speaking is a learned skill.
  • Why the name of something can make in 10% better.
  • New Word Alert: ‘retrocity’ – nice level of retro action to something. Non Practicer – Don’t prepare.
  • The key secret to successful public speaking.
  • Why being an extrovert, is not an advantage in speaking.
  • The best personality for public speaking: Yours!
  • Why the heart is greater than the mind.
  • Early attention grabbing hacks.
  • Why telling your stories is easier.
  • How being on panels can help move up the learning curve.
  • Why people aren’t interest in you, but what you can teach them.
  • Tricks to moderating a panel.
  • How to use slides effectively.
  • Why your stories are greater than the facts.
  • Using memes for engagement.
  • Value of silence when talking.
  • Introductions to Ignite talks.
  • Radio & Podcasting are the same thing.
  • Why community events are the best speaking training platform.
  • Why listeners want hacks & insights, not sell jobs.

Links and resources from this episode

Sports Geek gets the SEAT crowd #Bolting

Samma giving an Ignite Speech

On this BBB podcast were:

The beer downed by the blokes in this podcast was Mountain Goat Fancy Pants

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