Beers, Blokes & Business podcastPodcast033: Personal Branding versus Business Branding

033: Personal Branding versus Business Branding

Beers, Blokes & Business - Full Strength BanterThis week on Beers, Blokes and Business; The challenges associated with and the decisions surrounding branding yourself personally versus branding your company/business.

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Personal Branding versus Business Branding – What you will learn

  • The Blokes early decisions about personal branding as their business brands developed
  • The @thehoneybar experience of transitioning business relationships to personal relationships
  • The view that you should own the properties who identify you whenever possible via @sammartino
  • Busy is the new normal. How do you choose where you should spend your branding time
  • The difficulty in extracting the brand from the person when your name equates to what you do
  • How @sportsgeek brands himself through his shoes
  • What happens if you’re lost under someone else’s brand i.e. an intraprenuer in a corporate environment
  • Shaquille O’Neal’s use of Twitter and how the PR Suns girl benefitted from his personal brand
  • How you can you “Kilmartin” someone
  • The perils of not backing up your offline performance with your online persona
  • The importance of picking a brand channel
  • Making sure you look the part when your offline persona is in the real world
  • The view that you should be yourself…unless you’re a dickhead.

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150 Lashes Pale Ale

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The beer downed by the blokes in this podcast was James Squire 150 Lashes Pale Ale

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