049: Partnerships

Partnerships are important ask Jim StewartPartnerships, every business has them.
Internal partnerships between founders, brand and strategic partnerships. On this episode we discuss the various partnerships the Blokes are and have been involved in and how they’ve played out. Listen in near the end for a quote from Jim’s nanna. A t-shirt in the making.

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What we did and hope you will learn about Partnerships

  • How to look for the right partner.
  • What to look out for in wrong partners.
  • How to avoid Yoko Ono syndrome in your business.
  • Can friends be business partners? Steve Vallas tells a 30 year long story.
  • Partners in life, partners in business – can it work. Jim tells his story.
    Roberta and the Robot …. band or partnership.
  • How Scott almost took on a partner with haul for cash & a Rolodex… but baulked.
  • Why structuring business alliances as project partners is a good starting point.
  • Why partnerships work better when all parties have skin on the road.
  • Why stalking potential biz partners online prior to jumping into bed … is a good thing, and how social proof and networks come into play with potential biz partner choice.
  • Jim’s experience with partnering with SmartCompany.com.au and what his business derives from it.
  • Scott talks of his process in making the decision to go into a partnership with two much younger guys in the Online Store Guys business.
  • Who says “Contracts keep people interested”?

The important issues…

  • Can Jim be sold as a tool?
  • Will the blokes be heading to Miami to replace LeBron and go all Crocket and Tubbs? 
  • Is Steve Vallas the sage of the BBB?

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