Beers, Blokes & Business podcastPodcast069: Jack Delosa – Taking an Unprofessional approach to business

069: Jack Delosa – Taking an Unprofessional approach to business

Sean catches with founder of The Entourage and author of Unprofessional Jack Delosa and BBB listener Frances McCarthy on a recent trip to Sydney.

Some insights from Jack on this podcast

  • What he learned early on as a business owner
  • The importance of good mentors
  • How Jack’s first educational business helped him rethink education for entrepreneurs
  • Why traditional education is ready to be disrupted
  • What is the key device Richard Branson uses to run his business (stay tuned for revelation)
  • How sales and entrepreneurship are entwined
  • Why values are the key component of any business relationship
  • Why JAck wanted to write his book “Unprofessional”
  • What is the unconvention and why you might want to attend?

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Jack interviews Sean for Unconvention


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Grab your favourite brew and settle in. This ones a goody. Talking shop #alwayslearning – Craig

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  1. Kallen Reply

    I don’t have iTunes so I can’t leave a review on there but I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed this. I’ll definitely be listening again! Keep up the awesome work.

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