Beers, Blokes & Business podcastPodcast084: Internet Trends – Mary Meeker Report

084: Internet Trends – Mary Meeker Report

Sean, Samma and Josh gaze into the future of the Internet with some inspiration from  Mary Meeker’s awesome Internet Trends slides.

Here is what we learned from this podcast

  • Mary Meeker has been reporting on Internet Trends since 2001
  • Commerce has moved significantly to online from offline
  • Mobile is the primary way consumers transact and engage online
  • What’s the difference between first and second generation online Commerce?
  • What are the relationships between products, services and platforms?
  • Has the barrier to trusting online Commerce changed?
  • Design for mobile first
  • Don’t wait for the official report to validate what you already saw happening on the street (ref: One Up on Wall St)
  • upWork is an example where you can hire or be hired as a freelancer
  • Can Australia turn the export of 1’s and 0’s into a primary industry?
  • Do you record video in horizontal or vertical format?
  • Informalisation of communication through short messaging technology is moving beyond personal conversations to business conversations (e.g. WeChat)
  • Which bloke sold his car and now only uses Uber and Public Transport
  • Australia’s number one TV show is not reported by OzTAM’s ratings figures
  • Want to watch 45 million gamers play it out?  Get on Twitch

Some insights & links from this podcast

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A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down!

Great listening. You swim in the murky waters of start ups hoping for those small wins, so its comforting to know there’s guys willing to teach you that that they’ve been through it too. – Hail The Punisher

The beer was a Miller Chill – low carb with a twist of lime.

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