042: Google it !

This week on Beers, Blokes and Business the blokes take a look at the monolith that is Google. Where it’s been, where it’s heading and how you as a business owner can get more traffic from it. 

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Google It! – You will learn

  • Is Steve Vallas geeky?
  • Does Google still do no evil?
  • Why did Google become so dominant?
  • Where is the best place to hide a dead body?
  • Should I be buying backlinks?
  • Google webmaster tools – the most important SEO tool
  • The most neglected part of SEO
  • Bricks and mortar businesses low hanging fruit
  • Android + Google = Awesome
  • G+ The elephant in the room
  • What is Google Authorship?
  • Employee authorship what are the business risks?
  • SEO Is Dead?

kronenbourgLinks and resources from this episode 

  • Google+ Total View count explained
  • Kronenbourg Brewery is a brewery founded in 1664 by Geronimus Hatt in Strasbourg (at the time a Free Imperial City of the Holy Roman Empire; now France) as the Hatt Brewery. The name comes from the area (Cronenbourg) where the brewery relocated in 1850. The company is owned by the Carlsberg Group

The blokes on this podcast were:

The beer enjoyed by the blokes in this podcast was Kronenbourg 1664.

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  1. Ben Minutoli Reply

    Hey guys, loved this episode, as I do most of the ones you guys have done. But as it is coming up to nearing that 50th episode I thought maybe it was time I jumped on and left a comment not so much about this particular episode but more the whole Beer Blokes and Business podcast.

    The podcasts are definitely getting better and I have noticed that you do keep improving, I particularly like the fact that you have learned not to talk over each other anymore. However there is still one issue that you have had from the start that hasn’t improved and in fact this last show it was particularly bad so hence the other reason why I had to jump on here and make a comment. The issue is “background noise”.

    I’m sure I am not the first to mention it to you guys, and Sean I’m sorry cause I know you like the fact that it is recorded at the HQ’s but guys seriously, having music on in the background, other staff having conversations going on, even this episode just the beeper from someone walking in the front door, well at least that is what it sounded like. It is terrible and really distracting, it’s even worse when you have a guest on that is hard to hear and you are listening hard to hear what he is saying and you guys have all the other stuff happening in the background.

    I know myself and others listen to you guys to get advice on improving our businesses and I thank you for everything that I have picked up so far. Because you have done so much to try and help me improve my business I feel it is only fair I so the same in return. Here are 3 things that you could try that I think might fix this issue, either find a new venue that has a room
    where it is just yourselves in it or mic each person up individually and get rid of the one in the centre or record the show at a different time when no one else is in the office.

    Guys as I said I do love the show, but now that you are coming up to episode 50 it is time to take it to the next level and first step is improving the sound quality.

    Thanks again


    1. Sean Callanan Reply

      Thanks Ben for feedback, trying our best to improve the audio and looking into a separate mike setup. We try to schedule recordings out of hours and avoid noise but unfortunately can’t kick people out of their offices. Thanks for listening and we’ll look to improve the audio.

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