041: Game of Tools

In this week’s podcast we look at the tools that make us more productive, inspire us and sometimes even distract us.  It’s a snapshot of some of our favourite tools that we use everyday.

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Game of Tools – You will learn

  • We are all entrepreneurs / intrapreneurs
  • There are shed loads of tools – many free – that can help us do things better in our everyday jobs and lives

Note taking tools

  • Evernote is a great way to store your notes and beats penultimate because no stylus is required
  • Moleskin black leather bound provides an awesome way to keep notes, but make sure you use a system as mentioned in the Time Management episode
  • It’s easy to be deceived that technology can better manage time, when analogue can work just fine.
  • The perfect storm is the evernote moleskin combo!

Browser tools

  • Pinterest pin it button – the visual social network based on topics.  Check out Steve’s pinterest boards to see how he uses Pinterest to curate content
  • Pinterest operates on the interest graph level, that is – you can follow certain topics
  • The Google Chrome web browser offers some great extensions
  • Momentum is one Chrome extension which takes over your new/empty browser tab to show the time, what is your focus for today

Tools for home

  • Sean loves the portability of his iPad mini
  • Apple TV is the best $90 Steve has spent ever – a little device plugs into your TV – lots of free and paid content via Apple iTunes, Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, can stream directly from any iOS device straight to the TV.
  • Steve has blogged about his experiences with Apple TV

Content curation tools

Life skills tools

Tools on the go

Travelling tools

  • Foursqure gives the most accurate description/reviews of the places you haven’t yet been to – reviews from your social network are more trusted
  • Tripit collates your itinerary (flights, hotels, etc) and integrates it into your calendar and tells you when things change before the airlines do

Productivity tools

  • Cotap is whatsapp for companies – mobile based messaging direct and within groups
  • Rescue time for categorising products / web sites and whether they’re productive or distracting.

Bronx Pale AleOn this BBB podcast were:

The beer downed by the blokes in this podcast was Bronx Brewery Pale Ale.

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