037: Fit for Business

This week on Beers, Blokes and Business; The blokes discuss being both physically and mentally fit for business. How to maintain exercise when the demands of business and family are great. What they’ve tried and what’s worked, working out for work.

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Being Fit for Business – You will learn

  • Why getting into a routine is critical & what each of the blokes do.
  • Is exercising before / during / after work best?
  • Why James doesn’t keep his iphone by his bedroom.
  • Why you need to use motivation to make training a habit.
  • How Scott became motivated after a Xmas morning word from his mum!
  • Does wearable tech: FitBit’s, RunKeeper and Jawbones really help?
  • Why mental health was one of Sean’s reasons for starting this podcast.
  • Samma on the difference between finding time & planning time for exercise.
  • Why stand up desks & meetings might be daggy but are great for you & productivity.
  • The title of Scott’s new book… or is it a t-shirt.
  • Why nutrition is more important than exercise.
  • Why Sean thinks playing crayons with his young kids is great for clearing the mind.
  • Any excuse to include this in the podcast.

broo beer

Links and resources from this episode

On this BBB podcast were:

The beer downed by the blokes in this podcast was Broo Premium Larger 

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