Beers, Blokes & Business podcastPodcast048: Content Curation Puzzle

048: Content Curation Puzzle

Inspired by recent #SMDay in Melbourne, Josh had FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) as he couldn’t attend.  He wanted to know more about Content Curation and how Sean does it with Sports Geek.

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What you will learn about Content Curation

  • Skol Brazilian Beer as drunk on Beers, Blokes & BusinessHow any business can use content curation to help their customers
  • Where to find the best content
  • Importance of finding content experts
  • How you can use RSS to stay up to date with your favourite authors
  • Why IFTTT is the bomb when it comes to content curation
  • Why Buffer helps you share the content you’ve found
  • Why it is important to read what you share

Links and resources from the episode:

Great recap from #SMDMelb

Thanks to Rebecca Jackson (@_rebeccajackson) for the notes recap of Sean’s discussion (bottom right)
Social Media Day Melbourne 2014 Notes

The blokes on this podcast were:

The beer enjoyed by the blokes in this podcast from Skol from Brasil.

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  1. braqueen Reply

    Great show Sean and Josh I really enjoyed it and you gave me heaps to think about….time to step up another notch 😉

        1. Sean Callanan Reply

          Easy answer is all day, if I see or read something that catches my eye I’ll save it for later. But giving a definitive time I can get it done in 20-30 minutes for a day or two when under the pump. Once a week I’l check that Buffer is topped up usually around when we pick the best articles for our newsletter.

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