Sean understands the sports digital landscape, that’s why he started Sports Geek.

Working with clients across the sports digital world he helps teams & leagues drive more revenue from digital and is focussed getting “cheeks on the seats” in stadiums.

You can hear him on Sports Geek Podcast or presenting keynotes at sports conferences around the world.

Send him a tweet @seancallanan or message him in #SportsBiz Slack community.


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080: Nathan Huppatz – Cars, Costumes & eCommerce

Nathan Huppatz started out as a IT guy working in a corporate world but following a passion for cars opened up an ecommerce career that spans many products and businesses. Here is what we learned from Nathan in this podcast Nathan and Sean did the same course at Swinburne How a passion for cars piqued Nathan’s…

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079: Tobi Skovron from Zingy

Tobi Skovron by is own admission is an unashamed entrepreneur, his drive has seen him grow a business from Australia to be acquired by Petsafe.  Now he is heading up Zingy an app for on-demand pet services, starting with dog walking. Here is what we learned from Tobi in this podcast Learn about Tobi’s humble beginnings…

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078: Emma & Denis Merkas – Couple Hustle

Emma & Denis Merkas are building a business and doing it as a couple.  Melt: Massage for Couples isn’t the first business they have tackled together a recent trip to the USA showed they are on the right track. Here is what we learned from Emma and Denis in this podcast Where Emma & Denis got…

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077: Damien Ross on building a recruitment business

Damien Ross is CEO of Davidson Technology (incorporating ITCOM) he with his business partner Gary Lorden built up ITCOM to with fast growth (twice being named in BRW’s fastest growing list), last year ITCOM was acquired by Davidson Technology. Here is what we learned from Damien Ross in this podcast How Damien got his start in recruitment…

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076: Wearables and fitness with Body Wise founder Mike Halligan

Mike Halligan is a long time listener and founder of the app Bodywise.  He wanted to discuss what he has learned from building Bodywise and where he thinks the wearables trend is headed. Here is what we learned from Mike Do wearables work for fitness? That depends… listen to podcast to find out why What’s wrong…

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075: Mobilegeddon! We chat SEO with Jim Stewart

Sometimes it is hard to ask to pick someone’s brain.  Not when you have a podcast, Steve & Sean grill Jim Stewart on SEO and Mobilegeddon! Here is what we learned from Jim What are the must do SEO tasks for your business What about Personal SEO Why & when you need experts? How to…

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073: Shot clock is ticking – Greg Oakford

Sean and Samma chat with BBB Listener Greg Oakford about a range of topics that Greg is facing as a newly minted MBA and reaching the 30 year old milestone. Some insights & links from this podcast When was the moment or age you started to realise the clock isn’t going to tick forever? Traditional…

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072: How you can change industries…

Sean and Samma chat about how you can change industries and reinvent yourself. Some insights & links from this podcast the real truth about Jobs & Formal Qualifications Why is it so hard to change industry or is it? your most powerful asset is your network are you willing to give the 10 Meeting Project…

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071: Tim Bull – Melbourne to Silicon Valley

Sean catches up with good mate and former Melbournian Tim Bull who has made the move to the Silicon Valley. Some insights & links from Tim on this podcast Why Tim left his corporate gig How finding a co-founder is like dating How a near funding deal turned from a low point to a motivator The importance…

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070: Rick Chen from Pozible & crowdfunding

Sean and Scott catch up with co-founder of Rick Chen to discuss crowdfunding. Some insights from Rick on this podcast How answering an ad on Gumtree lead Rick on a wild car trip to Noosa and formed the seeds of business partnership. Where crowdfunding has come from and why even bigger businesses are starting to…

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