Sean understands the sports digital landscape, that’s why he started Sports Geek. Working with clients across the sports digital world he helps teams & leagues drive more revenue from digital and is focussed getting "cheeks on the seats" in stadiums. You can hear him on Sports Geek Podcast or presenting keynotes at sports conferences around the world. Send him a tweet @seancallanan or message him in #SportsBiz Slack community.


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090: Sneaky podcast for Sneaky Surf

Here is a sneaky podcast about Sneak Surf, why?  Because we’d love your support of this Surf Movie Charity night on Monday March 7. Here is what we learned from this podcast Why Steve loves surfing Why he started Sneaky Surf What is MVP? Why it isn’t about the app Importance of developing a community How…

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088: Hacking your way to media coverage

Samma (aka Steve Sammartino) has a great track record of getting mainstream press coverage for himself and his companies. Here is what we learned from this podcast Samma’s never fail formula for getting press Importance of having several angles Don’t fall in love with your story Start small, home runs come later Know your Gaddie Pitch…

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087: Sports Geek Trip

Sean was away in the USA in July, was it a junket or was it a marketing plan? Hear more about the trip and get some insights on US professional teams. Here is what we learned from this podcast Why BBB episodes were intermittent in July How SEAT has helped position Sean in the market The…

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085: Nicole Matejic on Social Media Rules of Engagement

Sean, Steve catch up with Nicole Matejic to discuss her unique background and recent book – Social Media Rules of Engagement. Here is what we learned from this podcast How Nicole ended up working in social media How social media is used in the military What businesses can learn from armed forces using social media Importance of…

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084: Internet Trends – Mary Meeker Report

Sean, Samma and Josh gaze into the future of the Internet with some inspiration from  Mary Meeker’s awesome Internet Trends slides. Here is what we learned from this podcast Mary Meeker has been reporting on Internet Trends since 2001 Commerce has moved significantly to online from offline Mobile is the primary way consumers transact and engage online What’s the difference…

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083 – Nathan Huppatz – Pick My Brain

When we say long awaited, it really was just Nathan’s Dad wanting to know when part 2 was uploaded.  Nathan joins Sean and Steve for the pick my brain episode, if Nathan has sent you here please listen before hitting him up for a coffee or a beer. Here is what we learned from Nathan in…

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082: Jon Manning – The 2nd Pricing Album

Jon Manning, our pricing expert IS BACK! He starts off worried about second album syndrome, let us know what you think via Twitter on how he performed. Here is what we learned from Jon Manning in this podcast How pricing is a disruptor How to move away from one price How does a pricing expert price…

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081: David Meerman Scott

David Meerman Scott is a best selling marketing author and speaker and thanks to Jim Stewart who helps keep David at the top of Google with StewArt Media he stopped by to chat with The Blokes on a recent visit to Melbourne. Here is what we learned from David Meerman Scott in this podcast How David became…

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