065: Listener’s choice

This week is the first podcast for 2015 Sean wants to know what you want from Beers, Blokes & Business podcast.
Let me know sean AT sportsgeekhq.com or @BeersBlokesBiz or @seancallanan
Please engage the Blokes you like with topics you’d like to listen to

Here is where my head is at with BBB

  • Season based – running 10 episode seasons around a theme or topic is one idea
  • Guests – more or less – let me know.  I’d like to bring in more guests and also bring some back for a normal episode. If you’d like to nominate someone please let me know.  Tell them to listen to the podcasts first.
  • Changing up the format?  Two man interview pod.  Three seems to be right number.
  • Time for a spinoff?  Would you listen to a podcast with just Samma & I or Steve & I or James talking UX or Scott talking eCommerce
  • Timing – fortnightly or weekly it is both an issue of time (mine and the Blokes) and what works best.
  • Quality – super important to me.
  • Need to freshen up the Bloke roster?
What I’m planning for 2015…
  • Diving into podcasting even more – Sports Geek Podcast has been good to me as has BBB
  • Bringing the best podcasts together will be a goal as well as producing some new ones that I hope you’ll like
  • BBB will be a part of that
  • Need more people listening to podcasts and wanting high quality podcasts, tell more people about what podcasts you listen to.

How can you help?

Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @BeersBlokesBiz or on Facebook with your opinion.

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The blokes on this podcast were:

Full disclosure I didn’t drink a beer during this episode, first day back in the office, but can highly recommend Mountain Goat Summer Ale had a few this summer so far.

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