Beers, Blokes & Business podcastPodcast017: Chasing the billion dollar ‘Unicorn’ companies of tech

017: Chasing the billion dollar ‘Unicorn’ companies of tech

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This week on Beers, Blokes and Business we had a chat about the 39 billion dollar tech companies which have been founded since 2013. What made them successful and what are the common characteristics? Sound interesting? Have a listen below:


What will you learn from this podcast?

  • What are business Unicorns?
  • Are all the founders 20 year old Stanford dropouts?
  • These 39 companies aren’t all consumer facing businesses – what other business models are successful?
  • Despite what the media would have us think, most of these companies were not overnight success stories
  • The blokes also introduce an “interesting” new #BBB drinking game
  • And find out what we think the next major wave of technology innovation will be.

Beers Blokes Business drink 4 Pines Pale Ale on ep 16

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On this BBB podcast were:

The tasty beverage inhaled by the blokes in this podcast was Pale Ale from 4 Pines Brewing Company (@4pinesbeer).

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Jim showing the blokes how to wear a shirt…


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If you have downloaded (and listened as well), thank you very much, over 11,000 downloads so far.  We are very humbled at the response #BBB has received.

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  1. Fred Destin Reply

    Good roundup. Note nothing in my post is about the valuation of Snapchat being accurate, simply that zero revenue is a strategy and that companies can be highly valuable before they monetize. If I knew how to value Snapchat accurately I certainly would not tell anyone about it 🙂

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