008 – Steve Jobs

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In this week’s Beers, Blokes and Business episode – the blokes go into the movie review business. Well not really but after seeing Jobs movie we decided to look back at the impact of Steve Jobs.

And hope to see you at the #BBBlaunch October 8th at Honey.


Here’s a rundown of what you’ll learn about the Levis, New Balance, black skivvy wearer:

  • Is JOBS the movie any good?
  • Every company has a bad website early on, even Apple.
  • How Jobs got fired from the company he created.
  • …and what he did Next.
  • How he changed 5 industries.
  • What Steve Jobs gave a young Sean Lennon for his birthday.
  • Where is wearable tech headed?

Cascade Pale Ale as reviewed by the blokesLinks from the podcast

On this BBB podcast were:

The brew consumed in this podcast was… Cascade Pale Ale, a fine drop from the Map.

On to YouTube for more Steve Jobs

Watch a baby faced Bill Gates play The Macintosh Software Dating Game in 1983.

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http://traffic.libsyn.com/beersblokesbusiness/BBB008.mp3 52641201 audio/mpeg a:1:{s:8:"duration";s:8:"00:43:37";}

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